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WIWT Labor Day Weekend Travel to Cancun, Mexico during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Hey Wanderers. We want to share our first hand Cancun, Mexico Experience during COVID-19.

When you are ready to travel and Mexico is the destination you elected for vacation, you will feel comfortable with your choice.

At arrival to BWI Airport there were signs posted requiring the use of face masks or coverings at all times throughout BWI Marshall Airport. Those passengers who arrived at the airport without a face mask could receive a free mask. Social distancing floor markers were located throughout the terminal, including at restaurants, retail shops and airline ticketing and boarding areas.

Face masks and coverings are required for passengers, except for children under the age of 2, in-flight, as well as in ticketing, boarding and baggage areas. On our Southwest flight it was at full capacity leaving the middle seat open for social distancing. Passengers were advised during deplaning to remain in their seats until the row ahead of them has moved into the aisle.

After deplaning, we immediately boarded the shuttle to be taken to the terminal and customs. Masks are required in the Cancun airport and employees were all wearing them. Upon arriving at my transportation pickup, the representative held up a sign for recognition and then escorted us to our private transfer. Before entry on to the van, hand sanitizer was provided and bag disinfectant was performed.

Upon arrival to the resort, employees were wearing masks. The luggage was retrieved for disinfecting before being taken to the room. We were greeted and provided hand sanitizer and escorted to VIP concierge for check-in.

The room was thoroughly cleaned prior to check-in and sealed with a label to let guests know that nobody had been in their room since it was last cleaned and sanitized. Housekeeping was available and provided upon request to alleviate touch contact in the rooms between guests and employees.

During the stay at the resort, I felt comfortable with hand sanitizer stations, employees and guests wearing masks while social distancing when appropriate. In the restaurants and buffets hand sanitizer was provided . The buffets were open and food was served to you by staff. All restaurant tables had ample space between them for social distancing.

On the return to the Cancun airport for the departure home, an online medical form has to be completed prior to admittance upstairs to security. Airport employees wore masks, as well as fully PPE gear as we pass through the monitored body temperature screening station.

After security, the message played over the loud speaker for all to maintain social distancing and to wear face coverings/mask at all times.

We are all in this together and will get through this.

To protect you and others from Covid-19, wear a mask as much as possible, maintain social distancing whenever possible, use hand sanitizer when hand washing is not accessible.

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