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SANITIZE and SECURE your hotel room with these 5 things

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Are you concerned about your hotel room security with all the unsettling news in the past months? Have you ever wondered if someone was in the room while you were gone. Well, here are 5 easy and inexpensive ways to secure your room to be more effective.

Portable Door Alarm with flashlight

This ultra portable and compact alarm is easy to install/remove and use while traveling. Perfect hotel door alarm and theft deterrent for your next vacation. Simply, hold the thin blades together and slide them into the crack between the door and doorframe, loop the cord around the door handle, and set alarm - it's that simple, no tools required. A loud, attention grabbing alarm sounds when the door is triggered. What an effective, inexpensive and simple way to get security setup in a few seconds.

Door Wedge

A door wedge is a simple way to add that extra security to your hotel room. They're affordable, doesn't take up any space in your bag and easy to set up. Place door wedge under the door, turn on and make sure it's secure in place. This model will provide you with extra security because it has an alarm that will sound if disturbed.

A portable and easy way to add peace of mind when traveling.

Check prices for door wedges on Amazon.

Portable Door Locks

Using a portable door lock to secure your room is another option. They prevent the door from opening inwards and come in many sizes and shapes. When locking in place, put one piece into a metal plate across the back of the door which in turns prevents the door from opening.

To check out prices for portable locks for travel on Amazon.

Motion Detectors

Having that extra protection while sleeping, traveling is a blessing when alarm alert activates after detecting movement. Check prices for Travel alarm motion detectors on Amazon.

Ultrawand - UV Light Sanitizer Wand

Finally, you can have peace of mind while traveling during these times with the portable UV Light sanitizer wand. Turn the wand on and move back and forth to thoroughly and effectively clean the items - hotel doorknobs, phones and more.

Check out these hotel sanitary and security devices for your peace of mind.

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

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