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Why you should use a travel agent...Don't let this happen to you.

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Sitting here reflecting on this Flashback Friday on my trip to St. Lucia a few years ago. A travel consultant can educate, make you aware of passport requirements and point you in the right direction to read up on the requirements of the country you want to visit on vacation.

While waiting to board my flight to St. Lucia in ATL, the representative announced over the PA system some important details on the country's policy requirements. She then quoted, "If your passport is expiring within the next 6 months you will be denied entry into St. Lucia." Then the representative called certain individuals to the desk to advise them that unfortunately they will not be able to board the plane." And if they wanted to travel to St. Lucia, they needed to go to the US Passport office to renew their passport. After seeing this transpire in front of me, I was relieved and most of all shocked because I was not a travel consultant at the time and really wasn't aware of this policy.

I then inquired with the manager on why the airlines would allow the customers to purchase the ticket? He responded, 'It's the individuals responsibility to know the country's policy on passports and that the passport information isn't entered into the system until check in time.

One thing I did appreciate was them not allowing the people to fly all the way there and then be denied access and be stuck.

This incident always comes to mind when I book my clients for international travel. I make sure to verify the passport expiration is okay. Also, I make sure to tell clients to be sure to visit that country's website to become abreast of their requirements especially the entry policy to avoid any disruption in the vacation.

This is just one of the benefits of partnering with a travel agent. Travel agents will be with you throughout the whole process of planning, researching the vacation, while you're in transit, during and upon your return home from the vacation.

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